Friday, July 07, 2006



Marcos, remember all the stuff you taught me about how to photoshop pictures? Yeah. I don't remember a thing. Can you all make out the stuff on the walls? I know *I* can't.

The sign says, in bad Portuguese, that before getting into the elevator you should check whether it's really there. Oh, woops, are people really that dumb? Another sign says everyone's welcome to take the 'social' elevator, despite their religion, color, or financial situtation or if sick. This may sound like a silly sign, but contrary to the image Brazil has - that there's no prejudice whatsoever in the country - poor people, who also tend to be slaves descendents (due to the late slavery abolishment in the XIX century, slaves and their families couldn't find jobs - well, long historical explanation here), were only allowed to take the service elevator. Not by law, but by this weird and conservative and stupid use.