Friday, March 31, 2006

Congonhas Airport (CGH)

Airport stuff. I was in the car, so I couldn't actually take a picture of the airport itself. Ha! Is this crappy or what? A picture of airport stuff, and not the airport! Good job, Ione! You're really good at being bad.

It's an airport in the city for domestic flights only (it used to be an international airport in the old days, though). In the 30s, when it was built, 12 kilometers, the distance from CGH to Praça da Sé - the central point of the city - seemed like a huge distance and the surroundings of the airport were totally uninhabited. Not quite like it's today (take a look at it with Google Maps). In fact, it's a pretty dangerous business to have this airport in the city; in 1996, a Fokker 100 crashed into houses in a neighborhood close to the airport, killing everyone on the airplane, and 4 people on the ground. In 2004, 13,611,227 passengers flew into and out of Congonhas.

You can check more pictures at this site.


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